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Ellipso Technology
Company Overview & History
Company Overview

Since the 21st Century NanoTechnology(NT) era, the utilization of thin flims is getting more and more diversifying. Accordingly, the need for ellipsometers which are useful to evaluate the structure and the properties of thin films has been greatly increasing.

However, because of poor infrastructure, domestic industryies were dependent 100 % on imported equipment. In July 2000, KIM Sang-Youl, who is a professor in Ajou University and famous ellipsometry expert worldwide, has founded Ellipso Technology which is top professional company nationwide especially for thin film and polarization, with his copious research experience.

Professor Kim has created the nations's first single wavelength ellipsometer(SWE) and spectroscopic ellipsometer(SE) and through Ellipso Technology, he has developed extended systems which can add dual laser, variable angle of incidence(AOI), mapping, micro spot, high speed, ultra precisely polarization controlled, transmittance/reflectance systems.

Beside ellipsometer/polarimeter product family, by combining ellipsometer and spectrometer and applying modified Fast Fourier Transformation(m-FFT), Ellipso Technology has been developed and supplied optical equipments which can measure thicknesses in a wide range, such as from sub-Angstrom thin film to hundreds micron thick film, for variety of product such as MgO on pattern, OLED, LED and solar cell.

Also, based on the polarization technology of ellipsometry, we developed and supplied precision polarization measurement equipments such as, Retardation(R_in, R_th, Zero Retardation) Measurement system. Quite recently, ultra-precise polarization measurement system for aligned PI layers by rubbing or photo-inducing is successfully utilized.  Film Measurement System, High CR( <million:1) Measurement System, Light Axis-Bent Measurement System for multi-combined panel with polarization board and compensation board and Micro Polarization Profiler are also developed.

Through continuous research, Ellipso Technology, with pride as the world's leading manufacturer of Optic-based Thin Film Analysis Instrument, would like to grow up with you by providing customized and field oriented thin film & polarization analysis system with customized measurement and analysis softwares.
2021 Feb. Optical Society of Korea Winter Conference (17th~19th, Feb)
2020 Dec. Medium-sized venture enterprises Department Minister Commendation Award. (Technology innovation part)
Dec. Patented: Using the polarizer continuous rotating photometry and the complete Fourier Transformation
Development of Real-time Spectral Distributor System (Apr. 2019)
Nov. Evaluation Supporting Business of Material, Parts, Equipment mass production Performance Attend
Oct. SEDEX 2020 Attend.
Sep. Patented: Phase displacement measuring device of Blank Phase Shift mask.
Feb. SPIE Advanced Lithography Attend.(San Jose)
2019 Dec. Korea Tech Show 2019 Attend.
Nov. Grand Prize of medium-sized enterprises Awards in Suwon city. (technical development part)
Sep. New Homepage Open
Jul. Optical Society of Korea Summer Annual Meeting 2019.
Department Invite (Analysis of MoS2 Monolayer using Micro-spot Spectroscopic Ellipsometry)
May. 8th International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometery (ICSE8, 5.26-31) Development and Evaluation of Microspot Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.
Feb. Optical Society of Korea Winter Annual Meeting 2019.
Jan. Development of 20μm Spot Size Spectroscopic Ellipometer.
Jan. Development of Fast Spectroscopic Ellipometer (measurement time <= 0.8 second).
2018 Nov. Patented : Microspot Spectrocopic Ellipsometer With 4-Reflectors.
Dec. iMiD 2018 Korea Display Exhibition.
Dec. Development of a Stepctroscopic Reflectometer that can measure 1nm Thickness.
Jan. Development of DUV Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with 30 ㎛ Micro Spots
and Variable Angle of Incidence System.(The 3th : 2018.01.01~2019.06.30)
2017 Dec. Development of DUV Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with 50 ㎛ Micro Spots.
Oct. iMiD 2017 Korea Display Exhibition.
Feb. Development of DUV Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with 100 ㎛ Micro Spots.
Feb. Optical Society of Korea Winter Annual Meeting 2017.
(Photoelastic Coefficient and Residual Stress Analysis
of PET Film Using Spectroscopic)
Feb. Up grade of Analysis System
2016 Sep Signed Project Agreement from Ministry of Trade Industry and Energy:
(Development of DUV Broadband Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with 30 ㎛ Micro Spots
and Variable Angle of Incidence System)
Jun. Confirmation of venture businesses
Jan. Proceedings of the 16th Korea Liquid Crytal Conference & Optical Society of Korea Winter Annual Meeting 2016. : "Precise Measurement and Quantitative Analysis of Ultra Small Optical Anisotropy of Rubbed Polyimide Alignment Layers"
Jan. Pattern Recognition System
2015 Dec. Developed Elli-ALL System (Ultra Small Optical Anisotropy of Rubbed Polyimide Alignment)
  - Sample auto-alignment module development application
Jan. Elli-SE Export to Vietnam and Elli-PAS Export to Chana.
2014 Dec. Patented : Microscope For Inspecting ITO Pattern of Touch-Screen.
Panel and Method Thereof
Feb. OSK(Optical Society of Korea) Winter Annual Meeting 2014 Attend.
Feb. 2014 Best Paper Award at OSK.
2013 Sep. Analysis software upgrade of SE (Greatly improve speed of analysis).
Apr. Developed the optic axis measurement system for the sheet polarizer.
Jan. New Product Developed : Smart SE.
2012 Jul. Developed Elli-Muv, the Inspection Miroscope of ITO pattern on TPS.
May. Launched Elli50, the Elli-SE Operation and Analysis Program Version 5.0
jan. Patented LCD Aligned Layer Measurement System.
2011 Sep. Patent Registered Textured Solar Cell Measurement System.
Apr. Developed LCD Alignment Layer Analysis System.
Jan. Developed Micro Spot Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.
2010 Sep. Distributer Agreement with Spectron/India.
Jul. Head Quarter moved to new Company building. ( 2F, EL-Tower, 358, WooMan-dong, PalDal-gu, SuWon-si, GyeongGi-do)
May. 1st Export to Taiwan.
Mar. Developed In-Line Retardation measurement system.
Feb. Launched new Homepage.
Jan. Distributer Agreement with J&P Technology/Shenzen.China.
2009 Dec. Developed High-Speed & µ-Spot Ellipsometer.
Nov. 2nd Export to Japan.
Oct. Developed Textured Solar Cells measurement Algorithm.
Jun. Distributer Agreement with Protrustech/Taiwan.
Distributer Agreement with Rudolph/USA.
2008 Dec. Distributer Agreement with KARKAR/Shanghai.China.
Distributer Agreement with BSYH/Nanjiang.China.
Nov. 1st Export to USA.
Signed Gyeonggido Technology Development Business Agreement:
LCD Rubbing Film Measurement system development.
Oct. Registered USA Patent: Film Thickness Measurement using m-FFT
Aug. Patented µ-Spot Ellipsometer.
Registered Patent: Silicon Wafer Thickness Measurement Process.
Jul. Registered Patent: Optic Axis of Composite Material, Precision Measurement System.
Apr. Developed Composite Panel.
2007 Dec. Dec. INNO-BIZ Certified.
Nov. Developed Precision Retardation measurement system.
Aug. Developed Precision CR (CR> 1million) measurement system.
Jul. Developed In-line MgO measurement system.
Mar. Moved Headquarter to Nano Devices Fab Center in Gwanggyo Techno-Valley.
2006 Nov. Developed variable AOI ellipsometer (Elli-SE-V).
Re-qualified as Venture Company.
Sep. Developed Retardation measurement system (Rin & Rth measuring system).
Aug. Registered Patent: Absorption Axis of Polarization Panel Bent measurement system.
Jul. Signed agreement for a Task of Company-University-R&D consortium:  
Developing hi-speed measurement system for Optic Axis in Polarization material.
Registered Patent: 3D Extinction Structure using Vertical Polarization Panel.
Jun. Signed Common Core Technology Development Agreement:
Optic Axis of Polarization Composite Material Axis Precision Measurement System.
Patent Registered: Optic Axis Mis Alignment Measurement System for Composite Film
Patent Registered Micro Polarization Profiler and it’s process.
Apr. Contribution to Nano Devices Fab Center: Spectroscopic Ellipsometer Elli-SE-F.
Mar. Developed hi-speed Precision Air-Gap Measurement system.
2005 Aug. Applied International Patent: Japan.
Jul. Applied International Patent: Japan, United States.
Apr. Registered Trademark.
Mar. Registered Patent: Thickness Measurement of MgO Cover Layer in PDP Upper Glass Substrate
Feb. Acquired CE-mark.
2004 Dec. Registered Patent.
Aug. Applied Patent.
Apr. Developed Seismometers.
Moved Headquarter.
Mar. Developed Micro Transmittance Profiling Optic system.
Registered Patent.
2003 Dec. Signed Project Agreement from Ministry of Industry and Commerce:
Broadband Band Film Thickness Measuring Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.
Oct. Developed µ-Reflectance & Transmittance Optic system.
Sep. Developed In-situ Monitoring system and Dielectric Coating system.
Aug. Registered Patent.
Signed Agreement of Technology Innovation Development Project.
Jul. Registered Patent.
Jun. Developed µ-Reflectance & Transmittance Optic system.
Applied PCT Patent.
May. Developed Hi-Speed Spectroscopic Ellipsometer.
Feb. Developed Dual Wavelengths Ellipsometer.
2002 Nov. Developed Ellipso-Spectrometer using m-FFT.
Re-qualified as Venture Company.
Aug. Registered Patent: Rotation Optic Sword type In-situ Ellipsometer.
May. Signed agreement for a Task of Company-University-R&D consortium:
Dual Wavelengths Ellipsometer.
Apr. Got Authorization for Ellipso Technology R & D Center.
Mar. Developed Inside-Furnace Vision system.
Developed two-Dimensional Scanning Ellipsometer.
Feb. Moved in Business Incubation Center of Ajou University.
Developed Variable-Angle Ellipsometer.
2001 Aug. Move to Small and Medium Business Support Center (KSBC).
Jun. Signed agreement for a Task of Company-University-R&D consortium: 
Automated two-Dimensional Scanning Ellipsometer.
May. Signed Agreement of Technology Innovation Development Project:
Inside Chamber Monitoring Imaging System.
2000 Dec. Signed Project Agreement from Ministry of Industry and Commerce:
Development of Rotating Polarizer Hi-Speed Ellipsometer
Jul. Established Ellipso Technology.
Certified as Venture Company: Excellent Technology Assessment Company.
Developed Single Wavelength Ellipsometer.
May. Won 2nd Prize in Gyeonggi Venture Competition.
Pre-Certification for Venture Company.