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“Ellipso Technology”

First, I would like to appreciate your visit to Ellipso Technology.
Ellipso Technology, founded in July 2000 as an ellipsometer-based company,
is producing high quality optical instruments which measure and analyze
structure and optical property of thin films,as well the polarization
state change of light, with ultra high precision.

We aim to become the world-widely leading company in Ellipsometry
and Polarimetry with our scientific and technical excellence accumulated
through more than three decades. We would like to contribute to
the development and growth of your company by providing the best
equipments together with customized advices related with thin films
and polarization state changes of light.

Our company dreams to be a key member of the amazing community
in which individuals, societies and the country prosper in harmony with
each other. I believe this dream will come true with the spontaneous
cooperation, voluntary endeavor of our expertized employees, and not
to mentioning about your trust in our company.

We appreciate your generous encouragement, in advance. The best of luck be with you.

Thank you.

Ellipso Technology Co., Ltd,
CEO Sang Youl KIM