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MgO Film Thickness Measurement System

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This Spectroscopic Reflectometer is optimized for the monitoring of MgO films which are used as the protection layer of PDP cell. Ellipso Technology has the unique and advanced technology of m-FFT software combined with pseudo substrate analysis technique for the accuracy and fast measurement of MgO film thickness on top of the thick dielectrics and patterned substrates. This instrument is best suited to monitor film thickness of large-size samples with dielectrics and/or patterns.


​     1.Wavelength range : 250 ~ 950 nm(with UV)
     2.Thickness range : 0.4 ~ 50 um
     3.Thickness precision : ~ 1 nm
     4.Reproducibility : ±0.25 %
     5.Measurement Speed : 1 ~ 2 sec. per points
     6.Spot size : 1 ~ 10 mm
     7.Stage speed : 200 mm/sec
     8.Stage stroke : 2000 x 3000 mm^2 (Can be customized)


​MgO film on patterned or non patterned glass in PDP panel.


​UV, Customized Mapping stage etc.