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Ellipso Technology
Spectroscopic Reflectometer & Transmittance

Elli-RP (Reflectometer)

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Spectroscopic Reflectometer


Spectroscopic Reflectometer(SR) system offers a robust, fast, and accurate value of film thickness

which is used in the various thin film processes. Ellipso Technology has the unique and advanced

technology of m-FFT for accurate and fast measurement/analysis of thin films.


   1.Measuring constants Film thickness, Reflectivity, (n,k) vs λ
   2.Wavelength range:
400 ~ 950 nm
   3.Spot-size: 1.0 mm 
   4.Thickness range:
20nm ~ 20 μm (depends on film type)
   5.Number of layer: Up to
3 layers (depends on film type)
   6.Throughput : 1 sec/point (depends on film type)
   7.Repeatability : ±
1 Å on 10 times measurement 
   8.Working distance : 120 mm (Customized)
   9.Sample size: ~ 150mm or up Customized


​Thickness of Dielectrics, Semiconductors, Polymers,
Supporting Backside/Front side Reflections, 
Very Thin Films, Very Thick Films
Variable Substrates (Silicon, GaAs, , Al, Steel, Glass, Al2O3, PC, PET, Polymer films and Others)

Semiconductor Photoresist, Oxides, Nitrides etc.
 (Si, SiC, Ge, ZnO, IZO, PR, poly-Si, GaN, GaAs, Si3N4)
 Display(OLED, LCD) ITO, PR, Alq3, CuPc, PVK, PAF, PEDT-PSS, NPB, AF/SiO2 on glass
 Dielectrics SiO2, TiO2, Ta2O5, ITO, AIN, ZrO2, Si3N4, Ga2O3, Wet oxides
 Polymer Dye, NPB, MNA, PVA, TAC, PR, PET
 Chemistry Organic Film(OLED) & LB Thin Film
 Solar Cell SiN, a-Si, poly-Si, SiO2, Al2O3
 Optical coating Hardness Coatings, Anti-Reflection Coatings, Filters etc.


   1.Auto Mapping Stage (150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm, Customized Size)
   2.Option of Spectral Range (UV: 190 nm ~ 1,050 nm), (IR: 900nm ~ 1,700nm, 900nm~2,200nm)
   3.Inline Thickness Monitoring (Multi probe, In-Situ, Flexible System Integration)



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